How I Shop the Build Your Bundle Sale

I have purchased some of my favorite digital curriculum resources through the Build Your Bundle sale over the years! In case you’re not familiar with it, think of a pop-up Teachers Pay Teachers for homeschoolers. I participated in the sale as a curriculum creator a few years ago and the people who run the sale are really wonderful God-fearing homeschool parents who truly desire to make homeschooling more affordable.

Please note that I am still an affiliate for the sale so I will make a small commission if you make a purchase through one of my links. See my full affiliate notice for more details.

So, each year, the sale is set up a little differently, but ultimately, I prefer to build my own rather than go with the pre-made bundles (except the Mystery Bundle, which is always amazing). This allows me to get exactly what I need, unless it’s just cheaper to get one of the bundles because I love most of the resources in it.

The best advice I can give is to check out what the current deal is for building your own bundle. Here is what they have set up for 2020.

Next, start browsing through the bundles. You can manually go through and look at what is in each bundle, or you can view all resources at once, in which case, I suggest sorting A to Z. You can open the ones that look interesting in a new tab, and you can also check them out on the creator’s website if you want to learn more. They are all high-quality so there’s no need to wonder if what you get will be any good. Just make sure what you choose fits your purposes, either for this school year or sometime in the future. I have stuff even for high school already. lol

I really like this setup as an unschooler because if we randomly land on a topic or book to read, chances are, I have something we can use with it. I’ve had this happen a number of times where books we have read had corresponding literature studies or that type of thing that I got from a BYB sale!

After you’ve evaluated a resource, add it to your cart. I add everything I even slightly am interested in. Then, once I’ve looked at all my options, I can see where I stand in regard to the discount. When you add these to your cart, you are adding them for normal price, so there are certain thresholds to meet and then the various percentages will kick in. I hit the $400 threshold and went a little over so I saved 85% on my whole cart (other than the Mystery Bundle) and it came to $63.xx. 

In all, I spent under $75 during the regular sale in May and just spent another $10 for the second Mystery Bundle during the flash sale going on now. I ended up with 36 resources plus all the items in the two mystery bundles! A few examples that I’m psyched about:

I’m not allowed to reveal what’s in the Mystery Bundles (the original one plus the one just for the flash sale) but they have a variety of resources and they’re under $10 each, so I definitely recommend them. I’ve yet to be disappointed in them over the years!

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You can always shop the pre-made bundles if you find ones that are up your alley. I don’t care for how they are organized this year, but maybe they will fit your needs. 

Let me know if I can answer any questions! The sale ends late Thursday night, so get to it!

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